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The piano-playing of Ruslan Bezbrozh is often compared in the critical reviews and by the audience with such masters as Svjatoslav Richter and Emil Gilels.

The musician is called many times as a world-class pianist.

The subtlety, technical brilliance and exciting beauty of his interpretations are constantly highlighted in the press as very remarkable. After his performances with different programs, the newspaper articles report repeatedly about the standing ovations and cheers from an amazed audience.
In own words of Ruslan Bezbrozh, music is an inseparable part of his life.


Ruslan Bezbrozh was born in 1978 in Odessa (Ukraine) in the family with musical traditions. Very early he tried to play the piano and to compose. Then at six he began to take lessons in playing piano at musical school by Sophia Ososkov and

at ten ‒ lessons in composition in the class for young composers at State Odessa Conservatoire by professor Georgy Uspensky.

Already as a child he appeared often on the stage, where he performed works of classical repertoire and his own compositions.


At 11 the pianist finished musical school with distinction. By this time he had already many prizes by national and regional competitions for young composers and performers. Also he was recorded and broadcasted by state and regional TV- and radiostations with different musical programms.

At 13 Ruslan Bezbrozh became a laureate at the 1-st Republican Competition

“Your talents, Ukraine”.


He received fundamental theoretical musical knowledges while concentrated studying by pedagogue Anna Pomeranetz.

In subsequent 1989, 1990 and 1991 years he won three times first prizes and

grand-prize at theoretical competitions of Odessa region.


As for further study in conservatoire the musician was formally too young, he took three years intensive private piano lessons by pedagogue Dina Pashkovskaya.

Then he studied in her class in State Odessa Musical College named by K. Dankevich from 1992 to 1994.

In 1993 he took the third place at the 1. All-Ukranian Chopin Competition for Young Pianists in Dnjepropetrovsk;

in 1994 the second place at the All-Ukrainian Piano Competition for students of musical colleges in Severodonezk.


In 1993 Ruslan Bezbrozh took the first place at the Regional Odessa Competition

of Young Composers and was selected to take part in the festival "Days of Ukraine

in Bayern".

The same year, together with the composition class of professor Georgy Uspensky,

he appeared within the framework of this festival in Munich, Nuremberg, Augsburg and Regensburg with his own works and with works of his colleagues.


At 16 Ruslan Bezbrozh passed all entrance examenations in State Odessa Conservatoire named by A. V. Nezhdanova with the highest marks and studied

piano (by professor Alexander Bougaevski) and composition (by professor

Georgy Uspensky).


In 1995, declared from UNESCO as the Year of Robert Schumann,

Ruslan Bezbrozh won the first prize at the International Piano Competition

within the framework of International Schumann Music Festival "Kharkov Assemblies"

in Kharkov, at the same time received a special prize for the best performance of

Robert Schumann`s work.


In 1996 at the International Piano Competition in Cologne the musician was praised by the juri againe for his performance of the work this composer´s:

the Romance F sharp major op.28 ¹ 2 of Robert Schumann was obligatory to perform at the first round, and from altogether 115 participants Ruslan Bezbrozh was admitted among the 30 best competitors to the third round. At the same time his performance was recorded by German radiostation.


Immediately after the competition the pianist passed successfully entrance exam at Higher Musical School in Frankfurt-on-Main and since 1997 studied there in piano faculty by professor Irina Edelstein.


Since 1997 Ruslan Bezbrozh lives constantly in Germany.


For improvement of piano performance he took part in many master-classes in Roumania, Germany, France, Czech Republic and Ukraine by such famous professors as Rudolf Kerer, Joachim Volkmann, Wolfgang Manz, Radoslav Kvapil, Stela Dragulin,

Stefana Chitta-Stegemann etc.


In 1998 Ruslan Bezbrozh won twice in succession at international piano competitions:

at first he took the first place at the 9. International Piano Competition for Young Pianists in Rome, and in ten days the first prize at the 9. International Piano Competition "Rome 1998".

As prizes he received numerous concerts in Italy, France, Belgium, Poland and Germany.

Also it was produced a CD with live-recording of his recital in "Sala Baldini" in Rome

in 1999.

Furthermore as prize the pianist received a grand piano "Seiler". Later Ruslan Bezbrozh was invited from Miss Seiler, the head of the pianoforte factory, and gave recital at 150-year celebration of firm "Seiler" in its former main building in Legnica (Poland).


Then it was followed by his recitals in important concert halls, such as Concert Hall in the Town Hall of Brussels, Theatre de l´Alliance Francaise in Paris, Gasteig

(Small Concert Hall) in Munich, Auditorium dell´Antico Oratorio del Caravita in Rome, Hall of Masks in Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic), Teatro Rossetti in Vasto (Italy), Teatro Marrucino in Chieti(Italy), Teatro Comunale in Cavriglia (Italy), Teatro Piermarini in Matelica (Italy) etc.

In Germany the pianist played in Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig, Cologne, Dortmund, 

Frankfurt-on-Main, Schwetzingen, Mannheim, Koblenz, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Ulm, Rottweil, Königs-Wusterhausen, Kronberg etc.


Ruslan Bezbrozh gave concerts at such musical festivals as the International SEILER Piano Festival Kitzingen and the Piano Festival Cesky Krumlov.


Audience was delighted also with his performances as a soloist with orchestra, for example, in Rome with the orchestra  „Ensemble Strumentale Italiano“ conducted by Maurizio Cocciolito. With the orchestra conducted by Jürgen Oswald during the concert in the monastry Ochsenhausen (Germany) in 2001 the pianist made

a Live-CD-Recording of the Second Piano Concerto of Sergej Rachmaninov.


in 2000 Ruslan Bezbrozh was invited by Hessen Radio (Germany) and made the sound-track of pianist-virtuoso in the film „Scharf aufs Leben“

(Producer: Christine Kabisch).


On the important place in his concert activities there is also a chamber music. As a partner of chamber ensemble he appeared with works for diverse instruments (violin, violoncello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone) and vocal with piano.


In 2003 professor Reinhard Nietert, the soloist on a trombone in the

Frankfurt Opera-House, recorded with him a CD with the various program for a trombone and a piano.                  


Parallel with study Ruslan Bezbrozh worked as a pianist at Higher Musical School in Frankfurt five years in the trombone class of professor Reinhard Nietert and some time with violinists by professor Walter Forchert.


In 2003 Ruslan Bezbrozh finished successfully Higher Musical School with diploma.


At this time he devoted himself much to works of Frederic Chopin, who is one of his favouritest composers. The pianist played numerous Chopin-Recitals in many german towns and in Roumania.

In 2002 and 2004 his performances in Bucharest and Brasov (Roumania) were recorded and broadcasted by national radio of Roumania. At the memorial house of George Enescu the musician played the composer`s grand piano.


From 2003 to 2006 parallel with his concert activities Ruslan Bezbrozh worked as a pianist in the vocal class of the private school of Bell Imhoff.


From 2004 to 2009 he worked on the staff at the ballet school of Gertraudis Weinlich as a pianist. Many times he had the opportunity to play on the stage musical accompaniment of ballet performances.


In 2007-2008 Ruslan Bezbrozh ganed experience as ballet pianist at State Theater Darmstadt.

Since 2007 he co-operates with Royal Academy of Dance and accompany by piano international ballet seminars as well as exams and rehearsals in various regions of Germany.


However in first place for the pianist there are his solo concerts and concerts of chamber music.

At present Ruslan Bezbrozh gives numerous of recitals dedicated to the 200-th anniversary of Frederic Chopin, Robert Schumann and Franz Liszt.